Finally I wear a suit!

I graduated from university in Korea and then came to the US with my wife to go to seminary. Because I had to study at my seminary and care for my wife at the same time, I did not have much time to study English, and the most difficult thing for me was writing academic papers in English.

After I earned my M.Div, I became more familiar with writing academic papers in English. But my writing skill was still so bad. Metaphorically speaking, my papers were shabby clothes. By the time I earned my Th.M and became a doctoral student in the US, my writing skills still did not meet my standards. However, I had to improve my writing skill as a responsible doctoral student, so I found Write Theology. Praise to God!

When I first got proofreading and editing help on my papers from Write Theology, metaphorically speaking, I thought that my papers were dressed up very well. I finally took off my shabby clothes. Now I wear a neat suit.