Student Services & Rates

For students of theology, biblical studies, the social sciences, or the humanities, our editing team offers 1) proofreading, 2) content and stylistic editing, and 3) developmental editing services.

See a description of these categories and their pricing below. After discussing your project by email or phone, we can customize our approach to incorporate elements from more than one of these categories to meet your specific needs. We can also be flexible with your project budget.

Editing Categories

  • Proofreading involves ​making sure your project follows the standard rules for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word usage; editing sentences for clarity and precision; and flagging phrasings that seem misleading or ambiguous. Proofreading also ensures consistency in your project’s use of acronyms, numbers, Scripture references, etc., and makes sure your project follows the format of your school’s style guide (Turabian, Chicago, APA, etc.).
  • Content and stylistic editing involves every element of proofreading (above) and refines your project line-by-line by improving transitions, making your wording and organization better suited to your audience or focus of study, eliminating ambiguities, suggesting alternative wording, filling gaps in logic, ensuring that paragraphs progress logically, making the manuscript more concise, and making sure your style and voice are consistent throughout.
  • Developmental editing helps writers articulate an argument, move forward when they are stuck, go from idea to draft, and transform a draft into a well-formed project by exposing structural weaknesses, suggesting improvements, rearranging blocks of text, examining the fit between argument and evidence, and suggesting where new writing is needed.

Student Pricing

MA/ MDiv/ ThM projectThM Thesis/ PhD Project or Dissertation
Proofreading$0.018–0.025 (1.8–2.5¢) per word$0.025–0.03 (2.5–3¢) per word
Content/ stylistic editing$0.028–0.035 (2.8–3.5¢) per word$0.035–0.04 (3.5–4¢) per word
Developmental editing$0.038–0.045 (3.8–4.5¢) per word$0.045–0.05 (4.5–5¢) per word
* Note: We can be flexible with your project budget—just let us know!

Request a Project Estimate

  • Send us a short sample of your project (~250 words), and we can send you a sample edit and an estimate of your total project cost. We can also schedule a phone call to discuss the project before (or after) editing begins. We will agree on the estimate and due date of the project. All manuscripts or drafts you send to us are confidential. 
  • We will return two versions of your document, one with the changes marked and comments visible (as in Microsoft Word’s Track Changes function), and a “clean” copy with all changes applied.
  • We are always available to answer follow-up questions about your project.

Request an estimate by filling out the form below. You may also use our email address ( to attach a short sample of your project (~250 words). Feel free to call us at +1 (616) 613–6715 with any questions.