Unparalleled Expertise & Service!

I contacted Write Theology for help editing my Doctor of Ministry project / dissertation. Libby was exceptionally helpful throughout the entire process, providing answers to my questions with punctuality and professionalism. Her work was flawless and completed ahead of schedule. She was honest, encouraging, and an expert in every sense of the word. I wholeheartedly recommend Write Theology for any person needing editing services! I look forward to working with Libby and Ian in the future!

Keith J. Lightner

Consummate Professionals

After spending years researching and writing a book-length theodicy that draws upon the theological writings of both Catholic and Protestant thinkers, it was important for me to hire editors who are well-versed on a wide range of Christian doctrine. The combination of skillsets at proved ideal. Ian and Libby were insightful in their editorial comments, meticulous in their proof-reading, and timely in the services they provided. Both are consummate professionals. Highly recommended!

Kevin T

Finally I wear a suit!

I graduated from university in Korea and then came to the US with my wife to go to seminary. Because I had to study at my seminary and care for my wife at the same time, I did not have much time to study English, and the most difficult thing for me was writing academic papers in English.

After I earned my M.Div, I became more familiar with writing academic papers in English. But my writing skill was still so bad. Metaphorically speaking, my papers were shabby clothes. By the time I earned my Th.M and became a doctoral student in the US, my writing skills still did not meet my standards. However, I had to improve my writing skill as a responsible doctoral student, so I found Write Theology. Praise to God!

When I first got proofreading and editing help on my papers from Write Theology, metaphorically speaking, I thought that my papers were dressed up very well. I finally took off my shabby clothes. Now I wear a neat suit.

Woonjo Park

Simple, fast, and helpful

Ian provided a simple process that was easy to follow and understand. His turnaround time was fast and the edits and revisions he suggested were helpful for my overall end goal. I’d highly recommend Ian.

Jeff Mingee

Excellent work, highly recommended!

Ian is an excellent editor who works efficiently, completes projects on time, and always significantly improves each document he has worked on for me. Ian is meticulous and thorough, while at the same time understanding the level of work that is appropriate for each project, as outlined when the project is first contracted. He also has the highest ethics and professionalism. I have worked with many writers and editors and Ian has my highest recommendation.

Alex Morla

Try Ian Turner

I used Ian a number of times to review my papers for seminary studies in counseling and the school of ministry. The papers reviewed by Ian averaged a grade higher when compared to either not using an editor or using another editor. I wish I had made sure I had adequate time for him to edit all my work. He is competent and very accommodating. You will not be disappointed. Give Ian a try. I recently returned to school and I will continue to use his services.

Rev. Rick Harrell