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Biblical Theology

Finding and Preaching Christ in the OT: Introduction (1 of 7)

He interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the Things Concerning himself The question “How can we find and preach Christ from the Old Testament (OT)?” can be answered from many starting points. It seems the best approach to the question begins with the risen Christ declaring “the things concerning himself” to two disciples on […]

Challenges to the Redemptive-historical Christocentric Approach to the OT (2 of 7)

People Still Dissent against the most Biblically Supported Hermeneutic Despite our utter certainty that Christ and his followers read the OT as a christocentric document, scholars today still attempt to discredit the apostolic hermeneutic and erect other hermeneutics in its place. As Johnson aptly noted, “when any hermeneutic method disqualifies… the ways that Jesus… interpreted […]

Doing Exegesis as the Apostles Did (3 of 7)

Was the Apostle’s Hermeneutic Normative? Some who admit that a christocentric hermeneutic is undeniably represented by Scripture remain steadfastly opposed to our reproduction of that hermeneutic today. The question is whether the exegetical methods of Christ, the apostles, and gospel writers are normative for us today. Longnecker answers in the negative, that the apostolic hermeneutic […]

How NT Authors Found Christ in the Scriptures (5 of 7)

Presuppositions in Practice: NT Authors Found Christ in the OT What follows is a brief survey of the different ways the OT bears witness to Christ, as exemplified in the preaching and writing of the NT authors. 1) Redemptive-historical Progression One of the most straightforward ways the above presuppositions is practiced by the NT writers, […]

How to Avoid Moralism and Allegory when Preaching Christ form the OT (6 of 7)

Staying on the Straight and Narrow Some practical observations on best practices while preaching Christ from the OT are in order. Johnson helps preachers move from the OT through its own truths, through Christ’s fulfillment of that truth, and on to application to contemporary hearers. When interpreting an OT passage, preachers should 1) look for how […]

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