Policies & Payment

Policies for emailed proofreading/editing services

1) Payment can be made by mailing a check (within 7 days of receipt of invoice) or by PayPal (you pay the small PayPal fee, which is 2.9% of the total cost, which I’ll calculate on the invoice).

2) You must be as specific as possible when detailing what work you expect to be done on your project, such as, the service category chosen, time-frame of your project, etc.

3) Note that a “project start time” will be indicated in an email confirming that your project was accepted.

4) Please allow a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time for projects after the project start time.

5) Please note that papers emailed after 11:30PM will be processed beginning the following day.

6) Follow-up reviews. Sometimes clients have additional questions about a finished, returned project, or would like me to give a second-look at a finished project. In this case, I distinguish a “limited” and an “extensive” follow-up review:

  • Limited follow-up review (simple word/sentence level questions/clarifications):

☺ Free, conducted over the phone (between 7:00AM and 11:30PM).

  • Extensive follow-up review (paragraph-­level questions of a more involved nature):

☺ 50% of the original cost of the particular page/pages

Contact & Payment

Phone: (708) 240-3016

Email: contactwritetheology@gmail.com


1) Mailing a check (My address will be on the invoice.)

2) PayPal payment (Let me know & I’ll email you a PayPal “payment request.”)

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