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Writing Services and Rates

The following rates are general guidelines. If you have an alternate cost proposal for a project, I am open to making slight adjustments. Also note that the left margin in Turabian style is 1.5 inches. Since this affects overall page count, I will use 1-inch margins to work on manuscripts and to calculate project costs, but will adjust margins to the proper size when the project is finished.

Here’s more about my approach and my experience. Also see policies and payment.

Category A: Emailed draft; basic proofreading

Rate: $3 to $5 per double-spaced, 1-­inch margin, 12 font, page

Basic proofreading for mechanics (Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation), coherence (flow from idea to idea), and clarity. For papers with NO SOURCES.

Category B: Emailed draft; proofreading + style­-guide editing

Rate: $5 to $7  per double-­spaced, 1­-inch margin, 12 font, page

All of the proofreading services in Category A, plus proofreading for the paper’s consistency to a particular style guide (Turabian, Chicago, APA, etc) in its text,
citations, references/footnotes, and overall formatting. For papers with sources.

Category C: Emailed draft; style-­guide editing + conceptual critique

Rate: $7 to $10  per double-spaced, 1-­inch margin, 12 font, page

­ Proofreading services in categories A and B, plus an editorial critique of the
overall organization of the paper, the general concepts, the specific terminology,
etc., ­­and editing of the overall content of the paper (e.g., paragraph/section moving;
deleting/adding content) in addition to the proofreading of that content.

Category D: Face-­to-­face consultation (online, or in-person)

Rate: Individual: $45 per hour | Group: $30 per hour per person (Maximum 3)

­ Includes all of the services of categories A through ­C with the added service of in-­person consultation on the writer’s habits, best personal writing practices, all aspects of the writing process: planning, organization, outlining, drafting, revising, and reviewing. Many advanced writers benefit greatly from face-­to-­face consultation as it provides a context for the creation of knowledge, the discovery of new ideas, and the opportunity for real-­time feedback on conceived ideas.

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